Aisya Pull Down
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AISYA PULL DOWN (1 Layer Hidden Bold V2)

We always try to provide niqab which is suitable for needs of our beloved customer.

We know its hard to always to take off the niqab only for instant purpose.

So yemeniheejab provide you the pull down niqab.


Its easy when you want to

> eat outside only pulldown for eating

> For immigration check 

and for any outside activity which you need to pulldown for a instant purpose

You must have Niqab Aisya Pulldown in your Niqab Collections! 

Niqab Aisya is one of the multipurpose niqab because this niqab very suitable for someone who always have urgent matter or instant purpose. 

You can pull down the face layer if you want especially when you are eating and drinking. So you don't have to take off the niqab strap. 

Don't worry! This niqab is very comfy, soft, light and very easy to wash either by hand or machine. 

And this Niqab Aisya Pulldown also comes with plus size which is 25 inches long. 

Grab yours now!
Material Chiffon
Made in Yaman

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